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INTRO --  I'm writing this about events that have happened in my life all characters in this are real and are based on MY LIFE !if you have been involved in my life

you automatically gave me permission to post your name in this all truths will be told to as much accuracy as possible ! I will do a layout that is similar to college notes . This is not a novel by any sorts ! Just some life learned lessons that all should know !

Church Life -- I was saved in 1996 in a small church called Cascade Community Church, They will always be considered Family to me, doesn't mean I have to

settle and go there every Sunday , because now I go to Living Hope Church. I have went to multiple campuses there too , over the past 5 years I have been to

multiple churches also ! I was introduced to Living Hope by my friend Jennifer, it was different from what I was used to , I got used to it only because the passion

for God they had and the beautiful worship music ! Now It was not just music to me it was the spirit of God flowing in one place and it was great ! Being part of a church doesn't mean you are perfect , It means you have a family to be there and share the same beliefs as you , It's NOT a religious THING ! I don't consider my relationship with Christ to be religious ! Its not about religion , Its about living !

Family Life --  Why bother trying to call when every time you do the mother doesn't follow through with what she says? Seriously ! I mean  we were supposed to

meet up for Easter and see Seth and after like an hour lately I found out it was not going to happen ! ( Only after the fact I already drove all the way there and sat

there for almost an hour )

Love Life -- Well I just want to write a few short notes in this section ! First I fall in love with who people are , by this it doesn't mean I love everyone but, I respect

who they are as a person in God's eyes and how they relate to the world ! Yes I have hurt others in the past and been hurt by others, It's not like I tried to have any

of this happen it just did , Its called LIFE ! Now I forgive everyone who hurt me and hope you all do the same ! Now for the second note I love the greatest girl ever

and she  has shown me the greatest love ever ! I feel everyone has a love potential , you just have to reach it ! It's not something you search for , It's not something

that can be given, it way of life called to YOU by God ,but most people don't embrace ! It's been hard for me to learn this lesson for a long time, It took most my life

to understand, but when it finds you HOLD on to it and its great !

Music Life -- I love music its my passion, when I was married I suppressed my passion for music to try and be a father, that fact is Music is a part of me that can't be suppressed ! It's my way to relax, live & love ! It's just in my blood !