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I believe all people should be treated equal and have the opportunity to know who God is but decide on their own if they want to accept God or not !

I do not believe people should shove God down someones throat , But I do believe everyone should get the chance to know who he is !

I go to Living Hope Church currently and like it a lot ! You can visit their website at www.livinghopechurch.com .

Looking to End Homelessness for Vancouver/Portland Area its a huge Problem and its the Surroundings thats creating the problem when their is a easy

Solution we just need a few good people to help end it !

If you want to help email me & Make sure you put HOMELESS is Title of email !

Here is an Old site that I had a few responses on but not too many were willing to help !  http://ministryproject.teamnowo.com/

More to come here ASAP!!!

                          You can email me HERE