<XMP><BODY></xmp> Welcome to my Homepage. Let me introduce myself a little bit more.

I was born in Tillamook Or, but lived in Vancouver most my life!

Well my name is Jayson and I'm 31years old. I have Blonde hair, with blue eyes. Music is some what of an obsession for me. I have been singing since I was young and writing. I was told at an early age I would make an awesome author but was never really into writing books, but I still wrote a lot of short stories and a lot of poems. Well once I started to really sit down I found that I have a knack for writing. I always found my heart and emotions being shown through my poetry and lyrics. Music seems to bring life to people!

Some of the greatest musical influences for me are Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, Alison Krauss, Mark Shultz, Mercy Me , Delirious, Adam Shero, Imogen Heap, James Blunt, Rock N Worship Circus, U2, Bryan White, Eagles, Chicago, Beatles, and Michael Jackson! I love a lot of different genres & styles of music. I love to sing Karaoke with friends and have a good time! I donít like to go out and drink, if I go out I will usually drink water with lemon or tea.

I love outdoors, fine arts, traveling, animals/pets and children. I am a Christian. I am down to earth, sweet, compassionate, fun, outgoing and funny. I love philosophies about things, I love math & science. I love to take nature photos. I love the sun and to swim & love to cuddle and talk.

I have Christian morals but do not consider myself religious & I'm very driven and feel it is very important to have goals in life. I like getting dirty 4x4in sometimes & love quads and the sand! Singing at a local karaoke joint is always a good option for me!

I love to watch movies. Some of my all-time favorites are: Goonies, Labyrinth, O Brother Where Art Thou, Gone in 60 Seconds, Fast & Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious, Tokyo Drift. I Love Fast action car movies and Artistic movies! Looking forward to Fast & Furious Summer 2009.

Iím kind of old fashioned in some ways. I love antiques. I love to sing. I use to take voice lessons I think I sing well. I love almost all music. I am a total geek; I love video games reading and research. Iím part of a geek forum and I love it! Iím very outgoing. Bowling and playing pool, you could never go wrong with those as a suggestion for a Friday night! If you were to stick around long enough to get to know the real me you would find that I have spunk. I can be funny, sarcastic, and outgoing at times and shy and dull at others!

I don't hide anything. I figure hiding anything is stupid and itís best to be honest from the start . I am one of the most caring and accepting people you will meet. And As long as you have a good heart I will love you.