This is part of my story about Clark County Jail  - By Jayson Krause Part 1

(will be a chapter in my book called Trapped

I will start with the basics !

Over two years ago I called the police on a domestic dispute with my ex ! At the time I just started a small business with Pre-Paid Legal just months before. So things went from thinking she was going to go to Jail to " I'm going to Jail?"

I will explain the original case only enough to give you a hint !

Bottom Line We divorced and had a Legal Binding parenting plan and she broke that and assaulted me at the same time !

The Day on the incident ! I called the police on her because she had assaulted me and my daughter Kelli and ripped Kelli out of my arms and ripped my shirt ! I had an officer take pictures of me and took my shirt into evidence ! i called my attorney at my new business (PPL) he spoke with the officer and the officer told him I was not under arrest and was not going to be , So I ended the conversation with the attorney after my attorney told me " Now The attorney said to me there is no reason to arrest you so They can not put you under arrest " Well they came back shortly and arrested me !

 I had a court appointed attorney that started to work on my case and told me "its a open and shut case" I win hands down ! Well on the day of trial nothing that was supposed to happen happened They apointed me with a new attorney I never met ! And she never called my witnesses, She lost my recorded conversations that they recorde from the previous attorney and the shirt and piucture were mysteriously gone !

So I appealled the case and she even messed that up I found out I need to put a retainer on a new attorney for that after the fact !

2009 Now it June 2009 and I keep having to goto court for the same thing which they give me no way to complete and i have tons of church people a few friends, Mental Health counselors and more backing me up ! I have recieved letter from a few of them and am getting more and more letters from them as I type this out they will be mailing them to me !

So far I have found out My PO is WRONG and these people can not help !

I have applied for medical to have this done from DSHS and SSD/SSI ! have been denied by both and called a Liar by my PO ! I have went to the wellness project which currently can not help, went to Northwest Recovery which can't help, been to all the providers on the list which can't help ! I have went to Living Hope Church Which can not and don't want to help ! i have been to new height church and clinic which can't help! I have been everywhere ! Now they are trying to have me come to court and give me up to a year in Jail because I can't compltete these things ! I even went to the mental Health counselor when I was in Jail and she said " we can not help you because it is not documented on your case that you nee mental health treatment ! i can't believe in a society we live in where an innocent person can lose everything they own to try and protect their children and nobody can help !

I have friends like Clayton Richardson and Tony Brouhard which have done all they can and still no one can help this be completed !

Why is this?